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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have been absolutely and unutterably appalled at the amount of people that have been so callous about the situation in Haiti. Especially that fat fuck, Limbaugh, and Pat Robertson's remarks. GODDESS, there are people DEAD down there - one entire school of CHILDREN that were killed so dead and squashed so thoroughly that they're not even going to bother to try and excavate the school! People are dying, and, NO, it's NOT our responsibility to do anything - but it is our right, our privilege and our duty to alleviate suffering whenever and whereever we can. Y'know what's sick - I had the same thoughts that I'm sure a lot of the rest of the world did after I first heard about this horrendous disaster. WHAT an opportunity for them! Colin Powell, on the day after the quake hit was on the Situation Room on CNN, and made an offhand remark that REALLY resonated with me and apparently a LOT of other people as well; he said that, this time, he doesn't see any better future for Haiti unless it's either a UN Free Zone or an American protectorate. That is what it's going to come down to, ultimately.

They're going to have to scrape everything down to bedrock and start all over again -so, let's get ALL the green tech companies involved in the rebuilding effort. Let's USE Frank Lloyd Wright's floating foundation that he developed FOR earthquake country, let's take our companies down there, and build schools and TEACH these folks how to read, write and do maths - by the time the factories are built with their help, they will be able to build their own tech bases. Let's set up company towns with decent housing - that we can teach them HOW to build, with decent sanitation, ditto, and reforest and regrass the slopes, which we can ALSO teach them how to do. Put the windpower tech in place, put solar power in place, teach them engineering, GET the AFL-CIO involved with setting up apprentice programs to teach them skills and trades as well! Desalinization plants for fresh, clean water, clean up their rivers at the same time and put in fresh-water pearl farms, teach them sustainable farming practices, and GET THEIR GODDESS-DAMNED political system OUT of the way together with the damnable bastards that have bled them dry for the last 100 years. Set up clinics in the company towns, and get American residents down there to run them - and let them write off their student loans year for year. Ditto dentists and any other medical professionals that want to give back something to the poorest of the poor.

TEACH them how to be self-sufficient; they're not stupid, and we're the country that's going to have to do it because the only other alternative is throwing the job to China - and that's something that NOBODY deserves to have happen to them. FIRST, get rid of their government as it stands now. With protectorate status, it's going to be gone anyhow. Then, go there and set up industries of all kinds - manufacturing, textiles, organic farming, coffee plantations, sugar cane for biomass for biofuels and green building materials, algae farms ditto, for biofuels and silage for the animals - the possibilities are endless. KIVA could help immensely with that as well, with microloans. So could a veritable HOST of other green financing organizations.

I'm asking all of y'all out there that read my tweets and this blog to help me with this idea as well: A green non-profit co-op, with a plan that can be presented to the Powers That Be, including financing and funding for the businesses that are willing to be involved in the rebuilding efforts, when they start. FIRST thing that has got to be done AFTER clean water and sewerage projects are in place is rebuild all the schools, and TEACH them all to read, write, do math and generally give them the tools, which they do not have at this point to become self-sufficient. Once that's done, the rest will follow.

"Give a man a fish, and you have fed him for a day. TEACH a man to fish, and you have fed him for life."

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