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Sunday, July 3, 2011


WOW, gangers, it’s been an interesting week – AGAIN. I started to title this as “STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES”, but that would be an insult to stupid people. So, once again, here is an installment of an ongoing series.

WEASEL OF THE WEEK, #1: Mark Halperin, who made a remark that he knew in advance he shouldn’t, based on Joe Scarborough’s assurance that the 7 second delay was on. Now, calling the President a body part isn’t all that unusual, except that Mr. Halperin is a highly-regarded political analyst who ought – who REALLY ought – to know better. There ain’t no sich thing as a dead microphone, as Jesse Jackson Sr. (and various others) have found out to their cost.

WEASEL OF THE WEEK, #2: Joe Scarborough, who, for whatever reason, assured Mr. Halperin that, yes, the 7 second delay was in force. I guess that both of them were expecting Mr. Halperin’s remark to be bleeped – and, when it wasn’t, eek. Don’t know what Mr. Scarborough is up to, but this wasn’t a good thing. What he should have said was, yes, the 7 second delay is in effect, but if you think you’re going to be bleeped, DON’T SAY IT. Silence, after all, is almost always golden – plus, keeping your mouth shut doesn’t out you as a fool to the general public.

WEASEL OF THE MONTH, #1: Eric Cantor, who is the (Republican) House Majority leader, for walking away from the debt ceiling talks. According to him, he quit the negotiations because he couldn't agree to tax increases Democrats were pushing despite both parties agreeing on $2 trillion in spending cuts. I don’t get it, I really, REALLY don’t. HOW can you cut spending without RAISING revenues somewhere? What President Obama wants to do is let the Bu$hit regime’s tax cuts expire, and the rates go back to what they were: 35% all the way up to (GASP!) 39%. The Gipper’s rates were about 20 points higher than that, and he’s the Patron Saint of the Republican Party, fer cry-yi-yi!

WEASEL OF THE MONTH, #2: John “I CRY IN PUBLIC BECAUSE I LIKE THE ATTENTION” Boehner, who is not in control of either his caucus or his minions. Unfortunately, he’s just as much of a bottom feeder as Mr. Cantor is, and he’s now “in a relationship” with Mitch McConnell, the minority leader of the Senate. This is really pretty creepy. Ordinarily, the two of them hate each other not-so-cordially, so I’ve got to wonder just what the two of them are up to, given that they’re both afraid of the Tea Party “Patriots”. Fear and politics DOES make for some pretty strange bedfellows.

WEASEL OF THE MONTH, #3: Dr. Marcus Bachman, who is Presidential candidate Michele Bachman’s husband. Apparently, he’s calling himself her “strategist”, and he doesn’t like queers. Of any kind. Dr. Marcus Bachmann runs a Christian-based counseling center in Minnesota that has been rumored to offer reparative treatment for those looking to “ungay” themselves. Last summer, Dr. Bachmann explained his position on homosexuality while offering theoretical advice to parents concerned that one of their children was gay. You can find the rest of his rant here:
Barf bags are optional, and are NOT provided by this writer.

WEASEL OF THE YEAR, #1: Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas. Obviously, he’s not a Federalist, and equally obviously he hates women. Kansas has gone from being the only abortion provider in the US before ROE v WADE, and now they’re one of the states with some of the worst and the stupidest prohibitions on abortions in the nation. Is there really any doubt in anybody’s minds that womens’ rights – ALL womens’ rights – are under attacks that are actually being successful? First Planned Parenthood, and now gynecologists that also do abortions are under attack. Also included in these bills was this nasty little nugget: ANYBODY in the government that wants to can review the medical records of any woman that goes to a gynecologist OR an abortionist. Isn’t that just SWELL?

WEASEL OF THE YEAR, #2: Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. So far, he’s cut funding for all sorts of women’s health initiatives. 7.5 million dollars worth. And this is the second year in a row that he’s done this. I’m not even going to address all the other things that he’s cut, such as education. Mental health services, assistance for the blind, The Children’s Health programs – all of them have come under the knife. Yes, I know that everybody has problems paying their bills – but cutting programs like these is just plain stupid. O'course, Gov. Christie can afford terrific health care for his family, so what does he care if other folks and their families don't get it?

WEASEL OF THE YEAR, #3: Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser. THIS silly bastard has lost his temper several times, cursing out the Chief Justice, getting a chokehold on one of his colleagues, and violently grabbed a microphone from a local TV reporter seeking to interview him about the prior incident. Funniest damn thing: ALL of them are women. Clearly, this man is deranged and he really, REALLY needs to be removed from the bench. Preferably in a straitjacket.

Y’all have a happy holiday weekend.

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