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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I, as the rest of the world, have been both shocked and horrified at the murder of Trayvon Martin, and the lies and (apparently) callous indifference to his fate. I honestly thought that the worst of this abominable story was behind us – and I was wrong.


It’s taken me some time to digest the newest revelations in this agonizing story. I’m still trying to deal with them – and if I’M having a hard time, I cannot imagine what Mrs. Fulton and Mr. Martin, the child’s parents, are going through. Bad enough that their child is dead and in such a horrific fashion. Worse, that his body was dumped into the morgue as a “JOHN DOE” and subjected to all sorts of testing for drugs and alcohol. Worse still, that the man who racially profiled him, stalked him, and, basically, hunted him down as if he were a rabid animal, is still unarrested, uncharged, and free to walk the streets. Worst of all is the video of Mr. Zimmerman being taken through the police garage to his “questioning”.

I don’t normally watch the national news at dinner time. I have a hard enough time forcing myself to eat these days without the added aggravation of listening to pundits and reporters bleating on and on about things that are guaranteed to both ruin your appetite and raise your blood pressure. So, I missed the original broadcast on ABC News of the video of Mr. Zimmerman being walked through the police garage. I did see it on Ed Schultzs’ show, and I was appalled. There is no sign of any injury to Mr. Zimmerman’s head, there is no sign of any injury to his face, there is no visible blood on his shirt (which is tucked in – which it wouldn’t be IF there had been the titanic struggle that he claims there was), he and the police officers seem to be having quite a cordial conversation, his body language shows NO stressfulness – in short, he seems to be relaxed, clean and not worried at all about what’s going on.

What’s even more egregious than Mr. Joe Oliver, Mr. Zimmerman’s supposed friend, saying that Mr. Zimmerman has been diagnosed with PTSD, clinical depression (plus crying himself to sleep every night because of his actions, although I don’t know how Mr. Oliver would be in a position to have actually witnessed that) is Mr. Zimmerman’s father going on television this evening and saying that his son told HIM that an unarmed 17 year old teen saw the gun, and told Mr. Zimmerman that he (Mr. Zimmerman) was going to “die tonight”. I’m sure that Mr. Zimmerman actually did say that – and I’m equally sure that he might actually believe it. I don’t believe it for a minute. Unless the child was so high on something that he was actually physically flying through the air, he would neither have attacked a man with a gun, nor would he have threatened the same man. Run like hell’s hounds were on his trail? You bet. Challenge him? A large male person with a large gun? NOT A CHANCE.

I don’t think that I would want to be living in George Zimmerman’s head right about now.

There are now two families that have been torn to pieces by Mr. Zimmerman’s actions. The family of Trayvon Martin, and the family of George Zimmerman. OF COURSE, Mr. Zimmerman’s father is going to do whatever he thinks is possible to save his child from the consequences of his actions. It’s unfortunate, to put it mildly, that Mrs. Fulton and Mr. Martin don’t have quite the same options that Mr. Zimmerman’s father does. His child is still alive.

Their child is dead.

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